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Celebrate your students’ halfway point with a year 6 yearbook that graduates at the top of its class! Using Fusion Yearbooks, you’ll be equipped with the best tools for designing your yearbook.

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You don’t even need any graphic design knowledge to craft a yearbook that exudes excellence — you’ll even find how fun it can be!

Your primary school graduates deserve a year 6 yearbook that highlights how incredible they are and the amazing places they will go. We know it’s important to you to have the ability to incorporate your students’ personalities into every page so they will cherish this book for ages to come.

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Beautiful year 6 yearbook covers — pick from hundreds of templates!

Create simply stunning yearbook covers in 4 easy steps:

1- Choose from professional and artistic cover templates

2- Upload your photos

3- Insert your titles

4- Save and review!

Create something special together.

The bond between students and teachers is something to cherish, and now you can share that story within the pages of your year 6 yearbook. With kid friendly web tools and fun ways to craft and create, your students can design their own yearbook pages with the guidance and mentorship of their teachers.

Make it a class project, an art assignment, or a contest! The versatility of our online yearbook builder allows you to make the yearbook crafting process into an educational and cooperative experience.

Using a special access code, multiple users can sign onto the project and work on their own allocated pages without worrying about altering other pages thanks to permission settings. Simply design a template for your students to work within and then watch their imagination fill your yearbook with original content and style.

Spotlight your year 6 graduates.

Create unique and stunning profiles for your year 6 graduate students quickly and easily. Here is how:

1- Design a template to insert your information into.

2- Create a questionnaire for your students to fill out (consider asking fun questions that bring out their personality).

3- Invite everyone to answer the survey and upload their pictures.

4- Look at the results: all their data will be automatically displayed in your template!|

Fusion gives you the tools to minimise the busy work but doesn’t sacrifice customisability. Design your profile pages beautifully by exploring the hundreds of captivating templates that you can adapt to your personal liking. From artsy to modern, you will find the largest selection of designs to fit every mood.

Incredible printing features at budget-friendly prices.

We have built the largest printing network all accross the country to ensure local production and competitive prices with all the bells and whistles.

Explore premium printing options that bring your year 6 yearbook to life: hard or soft covers, matte or glossy finish, plus many more. Enjoy the best printing quality Australia has to offer while resting assured you are keeping your budget in tact.

Perfectionists can sleep well knowing that you can download PDF Proofs of your year 6 yearbook and approve it online, with the ability to make adjustments all the way up to the last minute before printing. Lastly, track your order online until its arrival on your doorstep.

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

How can I make sure my Year 6 Yearbooks will be delivered on time?

Book your delivery date as soon as possible (especially if you already know the distribution date). A step-by-step schedule will generate by itself in your project status section. Keep in mind that it takes maximum 4 weeks maximum for your year 6 yearbooks to be delivered (after your final approval).

What’s the cost for a year 6 yearbook?

Build the plan that is right for you playing with the number of books, number of pages and printing options. As usual, the more quantity you order, the cheaper it is and you can adapt your configuration up to the last minute before going to print. Get your trial account and visit the order details section to generate multiple quotes and build the plan that works with you.

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