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Do you feel that? It’s the year 12 buzz, and it’s electric! Capture that sensation for your year 12 students in a creative and professional grade yearbook that captures what it’s like to have made it this far.

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Since your year 12 students have been working hard to get to this point, Fusion will take care of the rest of the heavy lifting. Use our online yearbook builder and you’ll realise how easy it is to breeze through to a stunning result – your year 12 yearbook at the highest possible quality.

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Timeless year 12 yearbook covers

Create a year 12 yearbook cover that is as special as the students inside.

With professionally designed templates, over 150 fonts and customisable graphic elements, your yearbook will the talk of the halls! Here is how simple it is:

1- Choose your favourite from hundreds of layouts

2- Insert your photos

3- Type your titles

4- Save!

Year 12 graduation spotlights

Highlight the stars of your yearbook with unique and comprehensive student spotlights. Fusion makes it simple to fill your pages with the creative personalities of your students, all while staying organised and on deadline.

Here is how you can create your beautiful student profile spreads:

1- Create a questionnaire – ask for a quote, a personal biography, or have them fill out fun survey questions to bring out their personality to the page.

2- Invite everyone to complete your questionnaire online and prompt them to upload photos too!

3- Collect all the responses as they flood back to you.

4- Review their answers and generate your profiles pages in a single click!

You can sit back and watch all their information fill up your custom template!

Edit your stunning photos without any art prerequisites

A yearbook is as good as its photos, so Fusion gives you the tools to make your year 12 yearbook the best it can possibly be.

Along with the captivating features of our photo editor, you’ll also find that its simplicity and ease of use allows you to perform like a professional — even without any design experience.

-Import photos from your computer or straight from your Facebook page!

-Utilise filters (just like Instagram) to insert a new mood into your photos.

-Adjust details like saturation, contrast, highlights, shadows, and more to find your sweet spot.

-Insert graphic elements  such as shapes, clipart, and stickers to add style and personality.

Professional quality printing at competitive prices

Once you’ve perfected your year 12 yearbook on the computer, you’ll want it to arrive on your doorstep looking just as beautiful as it was on your screen.

With Fusion, your year 12 yearbook will exceed everyone’s expectations. We have built the largest printing network around the country to give you the most advanced printing options at prices that keep you smiling.

Choose between hard or soft covers, gloss or matte finishing, etc.

Perfectionists can rest at ease. You have the ability to view a proof of your yearbook in PDF form and change details to your order all the way up until the last minute before printing. The yearbook process has never been so stress-free!

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

What’s the cost for a year 12 yearbook?

Because we know that the budget matters to you, we’ve come up with the most flexible way to set up your pricing. Build the plan that is right for you playing with the number of books, number of pages and printing options. As usual, the more quantity you order, the cheaper it is and you can adapt your configuration up to the last minute before going to print. Get your trial account and visit the order details section to generate multiple quotes and build the plan that works with you.

How can I make sure my Year 12 Yearbooks are delivered before the graduation day?

First, keep in mind that it takes maximum 4 weeks for your year 12 yearbooks to be delivered (after your final approval). Book your delivery date as soon as possible (especially if you already know the distribution). A step-by-step schedule will generate by itself in your project status section. The perfect way to know where you’re at anytime!

Can I easily involve other students or teachers to help me create the book?

Yes, of course! Fusion Yearbooks offers multi-access capabilities. Head Editors have a full access, from page creation to team management, as well as all the admin part (order, delivery, etc.). Editors can access the whole book and edit anything: perfect for a teacher who wants to help review the spelling and grammar! Contributors will only be able to edit the pages you assign them. You can also involve the rest of the school community in the profile pages (through an online questionnaire), in the content collection (using your Facebook Page or even Google Drive).

Start creating your year 12 yearbook.

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