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Fusion Yearbooks has pulled out the big guns from our graphic design arsenal to allow you create military yearbooks that will amaze.

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We give you complete ability to customise each cover and page to your liking, you can rest assured that you are getting a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Your time and money are being put to good use elsewhere. That’s why Fusion agrees that creating military yearbooks shouldn’t stagger your budget.

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Striking military yearbook covers — designs from modern to chic.

Create military yearbooks that demand to be opened in just 4 steps:

1- Choose from hundreds of incredible layouts.

2- Upload your pictures.

3- Type out your titles.

4- Save your page.

Military yearbooks are perfect keepsakes — create memorable pages.

Fusion Yearbooks has all the tools for you to create pages that are worthy of the growth, bonds and camaraderie your students gained:

1- Explore hundreds of professionally designed layouts (think about those blank autograph pages).

2- Strengthen the quality of your photos with powerful photo filters, and frames.

3- Highlight Squadron Leaders with customisable profiles and versatile bios.

4- Document history with professional and sleek article templates.

Save time and effort — finish your military yearbook portraits in a click.

You shouldn’t have to spend countless hours on the tedious task of portrait placing when other more demanding issues require your attention. With Fusion Yearbooks and our special access code, you have the ability to get all those portraits done in no time at all. Here’s how:

1- Create a template for others to work in.

2- Construct a questionnaire for everyone to fill out with their information.

3- Invite them to answer the questionnaire themselves and submit their responses to you for approval.

Watch your pages fill before your eyes with you hardly having to lift a finger.

Ask them for their favourite moments, a quote that kept them pushing through, a moment they will always remember, etc.

Drag and drop editor eliminates the graphic design prerequisite.

Fusion Yearbooks has the tools to allow you to be the designer, because no one knows what your military yearbook needs better than you.

But don’t fret, because our drag and drop editor is so simple and powerful that you will be creating stunning pages from cover to cover.

Utilise graphic shapes, icons, clipart and more to add direction and style to your articles and photos. If you don’t see an element you need to make your yearbook perfect, let us know — Fusion’s professional graphic designers are constantly creating new content for you to use, and we will put your needs in the queue for creation!

Unmatched Printing Quality at Economic Prices.

You should save the sweating for physical training routines, not stressing over the pricing of yearbooks. Fusion wants you to have your dream military yearbooks at prices that won’t cause nightmares.

That’s why we’ve built a yearbook printing hub all around the country to give you a wide range of options (hard or soft cover, glossy or matte laminate, etc.) with free standard delivery and order tracking.

Ensure perfection with PDF proofing and the ability to make changes to your military yearbook order all the way up until the last minute before printing begins!

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

How can I budget my military yearbook project?

Get your free trial account and visit the order details section. You’ll be able to generate multiple quotes depending on the number of pages, of copies and your finishing options. With Fusion, you can build the plan that is right for you and adapt your order up to the last minute before printing. No risks of leftovers!

How long does it take to get delivered?

Your military yearbooks are delivered within 4 weeks maximum after your final approval. Book your delivery date in advance and generate a step-by-step calendar to create your yearbook efficiently. No stress this year, just fun!

Are there any technical requirements to be able to use the Fusion yearbook builder?

No. You and your team can access your yearbook simultaneously from any computer connected to the Internet. No need to install anything! Just make sure everyone is using up-to-date web browsers to get the best performances available and that’s it!

Start creating your military yearbook.

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