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Fusion Yearbooks hosts a creative software that helps you design and print amazing middle school yearbooks in no time.

Customise your own look from hundreds of templates, captivating designs, and utilise tools that require absolutely zero graphic design experience. Make this yearbook unique and stress-free!

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We know that a lot happens at your middle school, and it’s hard to find the right place to house all those memories while working inside your budget. We’ve got you covered. Fusion Yearbooks will give you access to our vault of tools and features that will ensure you get the quality you deserve with no extra cost to you.

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Stunning yearbook covers — professional quality!

First impression is everything, so we’ve come up with 4 easy steps to help you create a cover that wows!

1- Pick from hundreds of incredible layouts.
2- Insert your favourite photos.
3- Customise your titles.
4- Save your creation.

Make your middle school yearbooks look like art pieces.

We have the tools to make you the professional designer – even without graphic design experience:

1- Be unique with around 150 different fonts (from artsy to sharp).
2- Choose your favourite backgrounds (you’ll be needing some great autograph pages).
3- Use the photo-editor to make those candid photos live on the page.
4- Spice up your pages with fun graphic shapes and elements.

Creativity meets simplicity — try our easy-to-use online software.

Fusion Yearbooks wants the learning experience to focus on the project, not on complex design software. Creating your middle school yearbooks should be fun, not a headache. With our kid-friendly Drag and Drop editor, you will be amazed how easy it is to make something amazing in any hands.

Make it a school-wide project! Partner up with middle school students and faculty.

Fusion can be accessed from any computer to allow your middle school the ability of creating a yearbook that has as much personality as your students. Make it an art project, collaborate with neighboring classrooms, and watch your book fill with original content that not even us professionals could’ve created. Not only will your yearbook be one-of-a-kind, but you will also watch the pages fill from cover to cover in no time at all. Fun, efficient, and a great way to express creativity!

Printing high quality middle school yearbooks has just become affordable.

We have built the best network of yearbook printers all around the country to ensure you are getting premium printing, binding, and quality features at prices that won’t drain your budget dry. You can also choose from a multitude of extra printing options, such as: hardback or softcover, glossy or matte laminate, plus many more.

With PDF preview and up to the last minute changes, you have the power to make sure your middle school yearbook will be perfect!

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

Do I need to install Fusion Yearbooks on my computer?

Not at all. As Fusion Yearbooks is an online software, you just need a computer, an Internet connexion and an up-to-date web browser. Online and easy-to-use, our yearbook builder is constantly improved and updated to the most recent technologies. This prevents you from buying expensive software licenses and helps you keep all your budget for the end products: professional quality middle school yearbooks!

How much will it cost me to print my middle school yearbooks?

The price of your yearbook depends on printing factors: the number of pages in your book, the total quantity and your printing options. Basically, you only pay for what your print and there is no risks of leftovers! Get your free trial account and visit our quote calculator section. You’ll be able to generate multiple quotes, from 24 to 400 pages and 10 to 10 000 copies! Build the plan that works with everyone and adapt your configuration up to the last minute before printing.

How long does it take to get my yearbook delivered?

Your books will be delivered to your door step maximum 4 weeks after your final approval is granted. Once your delivery date is booked, a step-by-step schedule will be generated in the Order Details section of Fusion Yearbooks, which will give you a perfect vision of where you’re at, anytime!

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