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You take the highest amount of pride in the education of your kids, your homeschool yearbook should reflect the same.

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Fusion Yearbooks provides you with a vault of powerful online designing tools that don’t require any design skills. Create stunning pages with a large array of layouts, photo enhancement tools, and professional quality templates.

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Exciting homeschool yearbook covers — completely customisable!

Create a magnificent homeschool yearbook cover with these 4 simple steps:

1- Pick a layout — choose from hundreds.

2- Insert your choice photos.

3- Type your titles.

4- Finish and save.

Pages with personality — make yours one-of-a-kind.

Create vivid and intriguing homeschool yearbook pages:

1- Choose from hundreds of beautifully designed backgrounds or upload your own.

2- Use strikingly composed article templates to praise and highlight your students.

3- Import photos straight from Facebook and enhance them with our photo editors and filters.

4- Save time with the simplistically designed drag and drop editor.

With multiple access capabilities you can work together.

Fusion Yearbooks makes it easy for you to work from different locations. With a special access code, you can log into your homeschool yearbook account simultaneously and collaborate with other parents.

Creatively brainstorm, minimise time spent doing tedious work, and allow all the different personalities that makes homeschooling special influence your yearbook.

Incredible bios — infinite ways to make them personal.

Introduce the work all the students in your homeschooling community have done this year with spectacular bios that highlight their efforts with style and flair.

Upload their portraits and utilise creative frames, photo enhancements and filters, and incorporate them into the background or around the text.

Exclusive pricing and printing quality.

Fusion Yearbooks opens you up to premium printing features at economy friendly prices. Choose from soft or hard covers, glossy or matte laminate, and much more.

Ensure perfection is achieved with PDF proofs and feel free to make changes all the way up until the last second before printing.

Fusion has built the biggest yearbook printing hub of the country to deliver your homeschool yearbooks with free standard shipping and order tracking. Don’t stress out over the yearbook process this year, Fusion has you covered!

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk .

Is it possible to make it a collaborative project?

Yes. As Fusion allows you to involve unlimited number of users, with multiple levels of contribution, you can definitely involve your homeschooling community. Have parents participate in the editorial concept and involve kids in the content and the design process. You also can involve external contributors (educators, authors and more) and have them work online simultaneously on your project.

What is the minimum order?

Working with Fusion Yearbooks means flexibility. You only pay for what you print and you can adapt your configuration up to the last minute (number of pages, of copies, finishing options). We take any types of orders from 10 copies and 24 pages.

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