Authentic Vintage Yearbooks — Now Entirely Customisable.

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Give your school yearbook a unique and vintage look this year with Fusion Yearbooks.

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With the help of photo filters, old-timey fonts and professionally designed templates, you will find creating perfect vintage yearbooks easier and more affordable than you thought.

Fusion’s design team has done all the hard work for you so you don’t have to. Take advantage of countless backgrounds, insertable clipart and graphic elements. You will gain access to the highest quality free graphic elements and layouts at no extra cost to you.

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Elegant Vintage Yearbook Covers — Professionally Designed!

Create a classic-looking cover with ease by following these 4 simple steps:

1- Choose a layout that fits your cover best from hundreds of options.

2- Insert your photos.

3- Type your titles.

4- Save your progress.

Retro Pages — Hundreds of Templates and Backgrounds.

You want your yearbook to look like those back-in-the-days vintage yearbooks? You want your book to have as much personality as the students and faculty inside it? Here are some tools to assist you with the look you want:

1- With hundreds of layout to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a perfect fit.

2- Utilise photo editing features and unique photo filters to give your photos that authentic-vintage feel (easily upload your photos straight from Facebook).

3- Choose from close to 150 fonts.

4- Compose your images in unique collages or decorate them with classic or artsy frames.

Collaborate and Create Vintage High Together — Multiple Access Capabilities.

With a special access code, you have the ability to log into your Fusion Yearbooks account simultaneously from different locations.

Cut the time you spend on that tedious and repetitive work with the power to delegate and work together. Have your students create their own profile to take days or even weeks off your own workload!

Get the Vintage look with Article Templates, Photo Filters, and Specific Fonts.

Creating vintage yearbooks with Fusion gives you access to thousands of free design resources. Explore through hundreds of designs, premium photos and a plethora of graphic elements. Clipart and fonts will also help you make the perfect mood on every page.

Your photos are the most important part of the vintage look and since you don’t have years to spare to let them age on their own, we created filters (like on Instagram) to recreate the look for you.

Ahead-of-its-Time Printing at Back-in-the-Days Prices.

Vintage yearbooks demand the highest level of quality without sacrifice on account of pricing issues.

That’s why Fusion Yearbooks has built a robust printing hub all around the country to deliver you the best printing features (hard or soft cover, glossy or matte laminate, etc.) all with free standard delivery and order tracking.

Ensure your yearbook perfection ahead of time with PDF proofing and the ability to make changes all the way up until the last second before printing.

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

Is there a quick way to collect students profile photos through the Fusion Yearbook Builder?

Yes. We’ve created a dedicated feature for that. This idea is to design a template which will be filled and duplicated automatically depending on the number of students you want on each page and the number of students you have in total. Step 1: set up a questionnaire with the questions you want to ask your students (and the list of photos you’d like from them). Step 2: give them a link and a secret code to access a personal form where each of them will answer your questions and upload photos. Step 3: your profiles pages will be automatically filled with their data. This way will help you save hours of hard work and will ensure equity and consistency for your vintage yearbooks.

What’s the cost and is there a minimum quantity for printing vintage yearbooks?

The price of your vintage yearbooks depends on the number of pages, the number of books and your finishing options. You can order from 10 to 10 000 copies of 24 to 400 pages. To find a configuration that fits your needs and your budget, get your free trial account and visit the order details section. You’ll be able to generate multiple quotes and build the plan that is right for you. You have the flexibility to adapt your configuration up to the last second before printing. No risk of leftovers and no hidden costs!

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