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Fusion Yearbooks is an online software that allows you to encompass everything your high school does in a book that mirrors its diversity and style.

With hundreds of templates, unique designs, and simplistic features, Fusion makes creating stunning high school yearbooks so easy even a freshman could do it.

High school is a collection of moments made special by students and faculty. It’s crowning the homecoming court. It’s dunking the teachers in a water tank at the after prom. It’s commemorating those of us that go above and beyond. Fusion gives you all the tools you need to create high school yearbooks just as special as the people inside.

Beautiful yearbook cover designs — no art students required!

Make sure this year’s cover is one to envy! With Fusion, your high school yearbooks will start to shine in only 4 easy steps:

1 – Explore hundreds of free layouts and choose your favourite.

2 – Insert your photos.

3 – Create your titles and headings.

4 – Save your progress.

Explore our collection of stunning and professionally designed layouts.

With an arsenal of design tools right at the tip of your cursor, creating phenomenal pages couldn’t be faster or simpler:

1- Explore close to 150 different fonts.

2- Choose from hundreds of custom backgrounds (think about those autograph pages).

3- Add personality to your photos with filters and effects (like on Instagram).

4- Insert clipart or custom-designed graphic elements.

Get the most of your high school yearbook photos thanks to impressive photo filters.

Let your images pop off the page with dazzling effects and filters, just like in Instagram!

Customise your high school yearbooks with hundreds of free clipart and graphic elements.

We want to make sure your yearbook is as one-of-a-kind as your school, so take full advantage of these free tools available to you: clipart, customisable shapes, lines, text boxes, icons, and plenty more at your disposal. Don’t forget to add those hilarious, candid photos either!

You’re all in this together. Collaborate with students, faculty, and parents.

Access Fusion Yearbooks from any computer and allow the creativity of your high school community deliver the content. What better way is there to make sure your yearbook is a representation of its student body than allowing them to produce the pages themselves? Let the sports teams, organisations, etc. choose the moments they want to highlight and watch your book fill from cover to cover with originality. This will be a treasure after graduation and for ages to come.

High school yearbooks at prices that won’t break the budget.

We’ve built a solid printing hub all around the country to make sure you get the highest quality your high school deserves. Choose from a wide array of printing options: hard or soft covers, gloss or matte laminate, etc. Make changes to the quantity, printing options, and design layouts up to the last minute!

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

How long does it take to create my high school yearbook?

Well, it depends on the end product you want and how organised you are. Usually, a yearbook is built progressively during the year. However, using Fusion Yearbooks is also a great solution if you have all your content ready to go and want to create your yearbook in a week or two.

How much will it cost to print my high school yearbooks?

The price of your yearbook depends on the number of pages, the quantity of books and your finishing options. We encourage you to survey other students to find out the price they are comfortable with. Then, play with our in-app quote calculator and build a plan that fits your budget. What else? We encourage you to organise fundraising for your yearbook. Finding sponsors, selling special ad spaces to parents and multiple other ideas will help you add more pages or more special effects on your book without having to break the budget! The flexibility you have to choose the exact quantity you need when you approve your book will eliminate any risks of left-overs.

How long does it take to get my high school yearbooks delivered?

Being delivered on time is vital. You might want to distribute the yearbooks during the graduation ceremony or maybe on the very last day of school. With Fusion, once your final approval in granted, your high school yearbooks get delivered at your school within 4 weeks maximum (Free Standard Delivery). So, booking your delivery date as early as possible is the best way to schedule all the steps of your project. 100% Stress-Free!

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