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The top 5 reasons to choose Fusion instead of Rockstar Memoirs

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#1 – Make the yearbook project a collaborative experience

Experts say that students who experience project-based learning are more engaged and better prepared for the real world. With Fusion, everyone will learn something useful for their future. But that’s not all:

  • Save time using a powerful online yearbook builder
  • Involve the school community – everyone can play to their strengths
  • Allocate specific tasks choosing from different levels of contribution
  • Work from school or from home – no experience required

#2 – Help your students develop their design skills

The yearbook project is a perfect occasion for your students to practice their creativity – from creating original content to customising beautiful designs:

  • Hundreds of free and professionally designed yearbook templates
  • Thousands of free yearbook elements and embellishments
  • The world’s largest yearbook stock photo library
  • A photo editor with filters like in Instagram.
  • All of this being 100% customisable.

Design Skills


#3 – Useful resources to inspire you

You want your yearbook to be as unique as your school and we’re here to help:

  • The best yearbook guides & ebooks you can find on the Internet
  • A popular blog full of tips, teachers resources and testimonials
  • Innovative yearbook ideas for your content, photos, layouts, plus more!

#4 – A huge knowledge base and instant support

You should never be left alone. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

  • A solid knowledge base with up to 200 articles and how to’s
  • Online support and Live Chat to answer any question
  • Phone support – talk to people who know the full history of your project



#5 – The best printing quality at affordable prices

Choose the #1 Yearbook Company in Australia and rest assured:

  • Your yearbooks will be printed locally with love
  • You’ll have access to the largest range of yearbook printing options
  • Your yearbooks will be delivered on time (maxi 3 weeks)
  • You won’t pay for delivery (Free Standard Delivery in Australia)

Try, compare and decide.

Try Fusion for free

Risk-free 14 day trial