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Your yearbook is all about your students, which is why Fusion has made the yearbook profile process simple, unique and encompassing.


With hundreds of page layouts to choose from, the ability to adapt them exactly how you like, and ridiculously quick methods for gathering all the information you need, you’ll realise how fun and stress-free creating yearbook profiles can be!

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Collaborate and save time on your yearbook profiles in 5 steps.

Creating those yearbook profile pages used to be time-consuming. With Fusion you have the unique opportunity to invite your students and staff in to insert their own information online.

This is not only a perfect way to eliminate unnecessary busy work, but also to allow your students to express themselves using their own original content and pictures.

1- Create a template.

2- Compose a questionnaire.

3- Invite everyone to participate by completing the questionnaire and uploading their images.

4- Review the answers and edit if necessary.

5- Customise and Generate all your yearbook profiles in a click.

Dozens of free yearbook profile templates to choose from.

Explore through the vault of professionally designed page templates. Select the number of students you want per page and choose your favourite template.

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Create an online questionnaire and get your students to fill it in minutes.

Your questionnaire is the essential tool to bring out the personalities of your students and staff, so it’s important to ask the right kinds of questions.

Ideally, you want to highlight what the individuals have done, what they plan to do in the future, and use their personality to fill your pages with original content.

Here is a compilation of questions that you can draw from or use for inspiration: The Guide to Yearbook Questions. It would be beneficial to collect a variety of questions that serve different purposes: future ambitions, memorable past moments, humorous anecdotes, personal opinion polls, questions that bring their individuality to their profile, and so on. Create a mixture of who they are as a person.

When the time comes to prompt the students for images, think about a variety of different photos you might like to use. Consider asking for baby photos, candid photos, action shots from their sports or professionally taken senior photos.

Review content and generate all your yearbook profiles at once.

You’re about to understand how easily yearbook profiles are created with Fusion… First, review everyone’s answers and photos to get rid of spelling mistakes or inappropriate content. Then generate your yearbook profiles by clicking the Generate Profile Pages button. Your template will be duplicated automatically to fit everyone in!

Example: you need to fit 200 hundreds students in your profile section and you’d like to have 10 students per page. By clicking the Generate Profile Pages button, you’ll automatically get 20 pages!

You can classify the profiles per First Name or per Name. And if you’re not totally happy with the design, you can adapt your template as you want and re-generate your pages using the same answers and photos provided by your students!

The best way to understand Fusion is to try it… for free!

Click the button below to access your free trial and get to know all the other features provided by Fusion such as: yearbook themes, layouts, backgrounds, clipart, photo filters, and more. You’ll find experimenting with Fusion Yearbook’s online yearbook builder fun and addictive.

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What’s the cost for using Fusion Yearbooks?

Because we know that the budget matters to you, we’ve come up with the most flexible way to set up your pricing. First, you only pay for what you print: the use of our online yearbook builder being free until your books are delivered to your door step. Second: build the plan that is right for you playing with the number of books (minimum order of 10 copies), number of pages and printing options. As usual, the more quantity you order, the cheaper it is and you can adapt your configuration up to the last minute before going to print. Get your trial account and visit the order details section to generate multiple quotes and build the plan that works with you.

How long does it take to be delivered?

Keep in mind that it takes maximum 4 weeks for your yearbooks to be delivered (after your final approval). We recommend you to book your delivery date as soon as possible. A step-by-step schedule will generate by itself in your project status section. The perfect way to know where you’re at anytime!

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