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With an incredibly large and diverse selection of yearbook clipart at your disposal, it is easy to find the perfect icons, shapes or elements that will enhance your pages.

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Whether you are making a yearbook for preschool, high school, college, an association, or anything in between, Fusion has the right yearbook clipart images for you — all completely customisable to your exact needs.

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Why use yearbook clipart?

Clipart is a great tool that allows you to use simplistic images to enhance pages, draw attention to certain elements, and add a bit of flair to your yearbook.

These graphic elements are all easily available. You’re just a search away from finding the perfect image you’re looking for. From cartoon knights in shining armor, goofy hats and glasses, shapes and objects, graphic exclamations, to just about anything, Fusion has the clipart vault filled to the brim. These cute little additions are waiting for you to add them to your page.

Use hundreds of free yearbook clipart in 4 easy steps:

1- Choose a layout

2- Click the search button, browse up to 20 categories or search by keyword

3- Drag and drop your favourite clipart onto the page

4- Resise, rotate, and move the clipart until it’s perfect

We’ve got yearbook clipart all about sports.

Browse through icons ranging from footballs to running shoes, baseball bats to soccer nets, trophies to golden medals. Sports clipart is a great way to load the bases on the page and add drama to those action shots.

There’s also academic yearbook clipart…

Books, flasks, librarians, and many more creative icons are ready for use! These graphic elements are perfect for:

> Fill in blank spaces

Remember, pages where text dominates the majority of the space can be a tad intimidating to readers. Using clipart is a great way to ease the audience into the page, create an inviting tone, and break up bulky text blocks.

> Create visual messages

An image is worth a thousand words, so let the clipart do the talking for you. There are millions of clipart choices from the largest array of categories you’ll ever be able to find.

Simply type keywords into the search box and watch your screen fill with a diverse selection of clipart choices. All you need to do now is drag and drop the ones you like, and resise, rotate, and pmove to the right place.

There’s images for all your professional purposes.

With a full inventory of lines, charts, graphs, and more, the power is to give style to statistics and drama to data. Show off this year’s success with the multifunctional use of Fusion’s clipart and graphic elements!

Check out some of the innovative ways you can use clipart to enhance your yearbook:

1- Use creative icons to draw attention to recurring points, or simply spice up generic bullet points by replacing them with more stylistic placeholders.

2- Show off your data in a vibrant display with a wide variety of graphs, lines, charts, and more that make your numbers pop.

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What is Fusion Yearbooks?

Fusion Yearbooks is an online software that allows you and your students to collaborate online and create the best yearbook ever. Starting from thousands of professional layouts, backgrounds, fonts and clipart, you’ll create beautiful yearbook pages in no time – even without design experience! The best way to understand what it does is to try it: get your free trial account and see!

What’s the cost for using clipart in Fusion?

Most of our yearbook clipart collection is free to use. You can also upload your own images for free – with no limits for storage! Then, you can also access over 1 million premium images from some of the best photographers in the world, at $1 per use.

Where can I find more yearbook ideas?

We know that there is a lot more to yearbook making than just having the necessary tools to get the job done — it requires imagination and innovative ideas to give those pages that extra umph. That’s why Fusion Yearbooks goes the extra mile to make sure that imaginative torch is always lit so you can ignite your own creativity. Check out some of the helpful posts in our blog!

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