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Your family is composed of goofs, greats and maybe even a couple of grumps. Fusion Yearbooks gives you the opportunity to show off the most lovable characters in your family with an easy-to-use online yearbook software.

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Encompass everything your family has done this year with amazingly simplistic graphic design tools that require no previous experience.

Document family history, highlight achievements and display the quirkiest of your candid photos with unique, customisable pages that are as easy to create as they are fun to look at!

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Stunning family yearbook covers — select from hundreds of designs!

In 4 simple steps, you will have a creative and completely unique cover your family will love:

1- Select your favourite layout from hundreds of options.

2- Insert your photos.

3- Type out your titles.

4- Save and Continue.

Beautiful family yearbook pages — from classic to colourful themes.

Fusion Yearbooks has all the tools to help you create the exact mood you are looking for to make your family yearbook captivate even the hardest critic:

1- Explore hundreds of layout options, or feel free to insert your own.

2- Touch up vintage family photos with photo editing software, or add a new look to your current images with photo filters, like on instagram (upload with ease straight from your Facebook)!

3- Tell a story with creative and professionally designed article templates that bring your words and photos to life.

4- Organise and collaborate with savable templates and multiple access capabilities.

Create striking pages with our fun photo editor and filters.

We know your family has pictures to share, probably boxes and hard drives full of them. Fusion Yearbooks has multiple ways for you to display all those memories in enjoyable ways.

Create collages from vacation, celebrate the family-gathering with artistic frames or add a unique filter to the photos of Grandma with all her children and grandchildren.

Your family yearbook will turn into a keepsake for all family members when you use these tools to enhance the mood of your entire yearbook.

Present family history in a creative way — completely customisable article templates.

You are from a long line of rich heritage of strong men and women who made names for themselves. With Fusion, you can document your family history with the aid of a number of powerful graphic designing tools at your disposal.

Create unique timelines with graphic shapes and annotative text boxes, upload vintage pictures or scan old letters to display on beautiful page-wide spreads, and organise your content with saveable templates.

Make your family yearbook into a special heirloom for generations to come.

The best family yearbook printing at even better prices.

You deserve a fantastic family yearbook to display everything that makes your family unique at a price that doesn’t break the bank or impede on your vacation fund.

Fusion Yearbooks provides you with premium quality printing features: hard or soft covers, matte or glossy laminate, and many more.

With free standard delivery, you can rest assured you are getting the best possible price for your artfully composed family yearbook.

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

Is it possible to involve multiple family members in the yearbook creation process?

Yes and it is definitely a good idea. Fusion Yearbooks is a multi-user online system. You can involve as many people as you want: they can participate online from home or anywhere, no experience required! No need to install anything, an Internet connection is enough. You can even get colleagues or friends add unexpected anecdotes in your pages. This will not only add value to the book but will also save you precious hours of work!

 What’s the minimum order?

We accept all orders from 10 yearbooks of 24 pages. Ideal for weddings, baptisms, bar mitzvahs and many other occasions, you can adapt your order up to the last minute before printing, choosing from beautiful and affordable options.

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