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College is a defining era in a student’s life and you should have a college yearbook that reflects just how special these times are.

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Encompass everything your campus stands for in a book that mirrors its pride, quality, and diversity. We have all the tools to make it phenomenal at a price that fits your needs.

Thanks to a remarkably efficient and simple graphic design software, you have the ability to craft captivating covers, pages and templates with no design experience required.

Our engineers and design team have done all the hard work for you so those college yearbooks will be delivered to your doorstep in jaw-dropping perfection, without the headaches or fuss of learning a complex design software.

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Lively college yearbook covers — professionally-designed look!

Create college yearbooks that will amaze in just 4 easy steps:

1- Choose from hundreds of layout choices.

2- Insert your choice photos.

3- Input your titles.

4- Save your cover!

Gorgeous college yearbooks — entirely customisable.

The power of Fusion Yearbooks is at the tip of your cursor. Here is a small sample of the tools available at your disposal:

1- Choose from hundreds of free layouts and templates.

2- Drag and drop millions of premium images, free graphic elements, clipart, and more with ease.

3- Enhance your photos with image-adjustments, filters, frames, etc.

4- Create a variety of moods with close to 150 fonts.

Collaborate and work as a team — save money and energy.

Fusion Yearbooks allows you to create your editorial team in your online account to adjust settings, privileges and delegatory powers.

One person can compose an outline while another organises the portraits. Send students, faculty, and staff special access codes to create their own profiles simultaneously to cut days (or weeks!) off your workload.

Organisations and other student groups can work to your criteria with saveable templates and annotative notes to ensure there isn’t any miscommunication. You can’t be everywhere at once and with Fusion, you don’t have to be.

Tell a story — create articulate articles that wow.

Your campus houses a lot of history (probably more than what could fit inside your college yearbook) so it is vital you have the tools to hold onto that heritage over the generations of classes.

Take advantage of the unique templates offered to you for text-based pages, incorporate vintage photos, enhance them directly in our page editor and guide your readers on a journey with graphic shapes and elements.

Your college yearbook will turn into a piece of history each student can take with them and refer to for ages ahead.

Premium printing quality in your budget.

It is important to us that you get everything you want in your college yearbook without having to sacrifice content on account of pricing.

That’s why Fusion Yearbooks has teamed up with the best in the printing business all around the country to deliver you Grade A printing features (hard or soft cover, matte or glossy laminate, etc.) at the most affordable prices.

Enjoy PDF proofs and the power to make changes to your order all the way up until the last second before printing. With free standard delivery and order tracking, you can rest assured your college yearbooks will arrive in perfection.

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

How long does it take to get my college yearbooks delivered?

Your college yearbooks will get delivered to your doorstep within 4 weeks maximum after you grant your final approval. Book your delivery date as soon as you can to generate a step-by-step schedule in the project status section. This will help you see where you’re at anytime!

What’s the budget needed for printing professional looking college yearbooks?

The price of your college yearbook depends on the quantity (minimum 10 copies), the number of pages (minimum 24 pages) and your finishing options. With Fusion, build a plan that fits your budget playing with our in-app quote calculator. Adapt your configuration until the very last day and pay only for what your print: no leftovers anymore!


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