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Your alumni have been up to a lot since graduation. Now, there is a way to highlight all they’ve done with style, class, and vibrancy.

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Fusion Yearbooks lends you access to free images, hundreds of backgrounds and layouts. Create stunning alumni yearbooks with ease – even without design experience.

Reminisce the good ol’ days and show off how far the graduation class has come with unique photo enhancement tools (including a photo editor, filters, frames and much more).

Use breathtaking templates to write letters, highlights and professional looking text-based pages. There are infinite ways to make your alumni yearbook unique and, as always, affordable with Fusion Yearbooks.

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Customisable covers – make your alumni yearbooks more attractive!

Create vibrant and eye-popping alumni yearbook covers with these 4 easy steps:

1- Pick a layout from hundreds of options.

2- Upload your photos.

3- Insert your titles.

4- Save.

Easily design your alumni yearbooks — millions of options.

With our online yearbook builder, you have the endless potential to create masterpieces on every page:

1- Choose from hundreds of background options or upload your own.

2- Boost your photos using unique photo filters (create a mood with sepia, black & white, or other vintage-like filters).

3- Make your words and images come together in harmony thanks to professionaly designed layouts.

4- Insert clipart and objects from our collection and guide your reader’s eye where you want.

Save time and energy — multiple access capabilities.

Using a special access code, you have the ability to collaborate with other contributors from different locations simultaneously.

Cut time spent on the tedious and repetitive work with the power to delegate.

You can even create your own templates for others to fill in so you can guide them through the project without worrying about miscommunications.

Creative and innovative articles — hundreds of templates.

Your alumni are an important part of your school’s history. Fusion Yearbooks gives you the opportunity to create dazzling pages that highlight what they have achieved.

Explore magnificent templates from sleek to colourful. Add style and coherency to the overall piece.

Incorporate your own photos in the backgrounds or in line with the text itself. Utilise graphic shapes, objects and photo filters for a personalised experience.

Premium printing at the lowest prices.

Fusion Yearbooks has built an amazing printing hub all around the country to ensure you get the best possible results at the lowest cost.

Take advantage of printing options like: hard or soft covers, glossy or matte laminate, and many more.

With PDF proof and the ability to make changes to your alumni yearbook up to the last minute before printing, you can rest assured that your order will arrive in perfect conditions. Free standard delivery and order tracking included!

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

How can I involve my alumni without bothering them too much?

With Fusion you can organise your content collection as you want. If your alumni don’t have time, you can still involve them without monopolising their time. Create a template with 1 or multiple person per page. Design it as you want, then set up a questionnaire. You can ask the questions you want like “My current position”, “My current location”, “A message for the new students”, etc. You can also ask them to upload 1 or more photos depending on your needs. When it’s all ready, give them a special code so everyone can fill your questionnaire online in no time. When they submit the form, their data will be displayed automatically in the template you just designed! Your book will fill by itself!

What is the budget to get professional quality alumni yearbooks?

The price of your Alumni yearbooks depends on the number of pages, of copies and your finishing options. Get your free trial account and play with our quote calculator to build the plan that is right for you. Update your order up to the last minute before printing – no leftovers anymore!

Create impressive alumni yearbooks now.

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