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Fusion Yearbooks provides you with all the tools you need to create a professional looking yearbook – even without design experience!

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Your association accomplishes a lot and we want to give you the means to encompass it all in a sleek and professional style yearbook.

Take advantage of hundreds of professionally designed layouts, backgrounds and templates. Use our simplistic drag and drop editor to create works of art.

You’ll see that each step along the way is entirely customizable to your needs. You are guaranteed to get an association yearbook that is as unique as your organization – even if you’ve never designed a yearbook before!

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Captivating association yearbook covers at your disposal for free.

Create an association yearbook cover that will beg to be opened in 4 easy steps:

1- Pick your favorite layout from hundreds.

2- Upload your photos.

3- Place your titles.

4- Save your cover page!

Customizable page templates — get the exact mood you need.

There are seemingly infinite amount of ways to make your association yearbook look award-winning:

1- Explore the thousands of layouts, backgrounds and clipart.

2- Enhance your photos with a powerful editor, filters and frames.

3- Try a variety of close to 150 fonts.

4- Highlight your association members with professionally designed bios.

Delegate and save time thanks to multi-user capabilities.

Build an editorial team and make strict guidelines for your staff to work around (number of pages, set templates, etc.).

Delegate different tasks with multiple access key codes and log into your project simultaneously to collaborate from different locations.

Create entire profile sections in a click.

Fusion is all about making the yearbook process as easy as possible. That’s why we created a simple system for you to get all those tedious profiles done with the click of a mouse. All you need to do is:

1 – Choose and customize a template.

2 – Set up a questionnaire asking specific information and photos.

3 – Invite everyone to answer online!

4 – Generate all your profile pages in a click.

This way, people will just spend 5 minutes to fill their profile information, saving you the hours of tough negotiation usually spent for content collection. Their answers and photos will be automatically displayed in your template, which will be duplicated depending on the total number of participants.

The best printing quality at at affordable prices.

Thanks to our solid printing hub, you’ll receive premium quality yearbooks at economic prices. Choose from hard or soft covers, matte or gloss laminate and many more.

Generate PDF proofs and make changes to your order up to the last minute before printing. With standard delivery free and complimentary order tracking, your association yearbook will arrive on time, just as you created it.

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

How does the collaboration work exactly? Is it possible to organize my team with different levels of contribution?

Basically, you can involve as many users as you want and organize them in 4 different levels of contribution. Head Editors can access and edit every single part of the project (including the admin and order sections). Editors can access all the pages and make edits if needed. Contributors can only access the pages(s) they’ve been allocated to. You can also involve people out of your team to collect profile informations. Even if you can change their capabilities during the project, we highly recommend you to think about it at the very beginning of the project.

What’s the budget and is there a way to get funds from sponsors?

The price of your association is calculated with the number of pages, the number of copies and your printing options. Get a free trial account and visit the order details section to generate multiple quotes. You’ll be able to build the plan that works with you and to adapt it anytime up to the last minute before you yearbook goes to print. As you are the editor of your project, you can do whatever you want with the content. Keeping pages for sponsors’ ads is definitely a good idea to cut your costs.

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