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Your school is celebrating a major milestone (whether it’s 10, 25, 50, or 100 years!) and Fusion Yearbooks has the tools to make your anniversary yearbook shine!

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Create a stunning masterpiece worthy of your success with our free graphic design tools.

Save time with the ability to involve multiple contributors — collaborate and delegate duties with special access codes and multiple login capabilities.

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Phenomenal anniversary yearbook Covers — from artsy to modern.

Create a captivating cover in 4 simple steps:

1- Explore hundreds of vibrant layout options.

2- Drag your photos.

3- Paste your titles.

4- Save your cover!

Professional looking anniversary yearbook pages — customizable and unique.

Your anniversary yearbook deserves to look incredible from cover-to-cover — do so with ease in Fusion’s drag and drop editor:

1- Strike the right mood with hundreds of fantastic layouts.

2- Enhance your photos with filters (like in Instagram), frames and more (upload images directly from Facebook).

3- Create personalized bios for your students in a simple click.

4- Insert clipart and graphic elements that add style to each page.

Minimize on time and tedious work — portraits finished in a snap.

Knock days (or even weeks) off your workload by having your students, faculty and staff create their own portrait biographies and insert them straight into a template you’ve created.

It’s incredibly easy with these simple steps:

1- Create a template to work with.

2- Make up a questionnaire for students to answer.

3- Invite everyone with a special access code to update their information, upload their photos, and submit their bios for approval.

In practically no time, the boring work has been lifted off your shoulders so can focus your attention on more important matters.

Document your school’s history — educate with captivating images and articles.

It’s clear your school holds a lot of history and your anniversary yearbook is a perfect place to display the photos and memorabilia that represent how far you’ve come.

With our photo editor, you can touch up those old photos or add filters to give them an authentic vintage look.

Unique article templates are perfect for annotating detailed history — take advantage of graphic elements and shapes to guide your readers through a visual journey.

Timeless printing quality at economic prices.

Fusion has created printing hubs to get you the highest quality printing features at competitive prices.

Enjoy choices like: hard or soft covers, matte or gloss laminate and plenty more!

With PDF proof and the ability to adapt your anniversary yearbook up until the last second before printing, you can remain confident that your order will arrive as perfect as you created it.

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

How much will my anniversary yearbooks cost me?

The price of your anniversary yearbooks depends on printing factors: number of pages, number of copies and finishing options. Build the plan that is right for you starting from 10 copies of 24 pages. Get your free trial account to generate multiple quotes and adapt your configuration up to the last minute before your yearbook goes to print (order details section). No hidden costs and no risks of leftovers!

Do we need to install anything on our computers?

No, you don’t need to install anything. You can access your anniversary yearbook project from any computer connected to the Internet. Unlimited number of users and multiple levels of contribution (all specified in the team section of your trial account).

How long does it take to get delivered? Is there any extra cost for delivery?

Your anniversary yearbooks will be delivered within 4 weeks after your final approval at no extra cost to you (free standard delivery). Fast deliveries can be done in 2 weeks (the price depends on your location and the quantity you order).

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