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New-Zealand and the United Kingdom.

If you’re in Australia, please visit our Australian website.
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If you’re in the UK, please visit our United Kingdom website.
Pour la France, la Belgique, la Suisse ou le Luxembourg, veuillez visiter notre site français.

Other countries, feel free to contact us for any additional questions.

What does the yearbook cost include?

Yearbook Pricing - Yearbook Builder

Yearbook Pricing - Order Details

Yearbook Pricing - Premium Images

Yearbook Pricing - Yearbook Team

Work better, faster and have fun.
  • Free online yearbook builder.
  • Unlimited photo storage.
  • Use your Facebook images.
  • Generate PDF proofs.
  • Free online support.
Pay only for what you print.
  • In-app quote generator.
  • From 40 to 500 pages.
  • From 30 to 10 000 copies.
  • Large range of printing options.
  • Free pre-press.
  • Free standard delivery (4 week turnaround).
Improve your designs.
  • Hundreds of Free Layouts.
  • Dozens of free backgrounds.
  • Thousands of free clipart images.
  • 50 Free premium images*.
Collaborate with everyone.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Collaborate with students, teachers, faculty & parents.

Any Questions about Yearbook Pricing?

Contact us anytime.

What is the payment process?

We accept payments by bank transfer, credit card or cheque. Payment is done in 2 steps:

  • Step 1: Pay an Initial Deposit after a 14 day trial to upgrade to a full account and book your delivery date. Depends on projected order (number of pages, books and finishing options).
  • Step 2: Final Invoice before print – when you’re ready to approve your book, you’ll be asked to pay the remaining cost of your order.

Some things to note:
– You can choose to update your order up to the very last minute before going to print.
– Easy payment option: if you prefer, we can split the final invoice into two payments. This way you pay 60% when you approve your book, and pay the rest within 14 days after your books are delivered.
– Should an order be subject to cancellation, deposits are non-refundable.

What is a Premium image?

In our yearbook builder, you have access to premium stock images from Canva. The Canva premium image library is made of thousands of contributions from some of the best photographers, illustrators, and creatives across the world. There are hundreds of free images, and other images cost US$1 each. The images will be marked either ‘Free’ or ‘$1’. Remember, each yearbook project has 50 free credits to use for premium stock images, anything above the standard credit will cost you just US$1 per image.

Examples of use:
– if you decide to use 1 premium image and to apply it as a background on 50 pages, it will cost you 50 credits.
– If you decide to use the same premium image multiple times on the same page, it will cost you 1 credit.

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