Yearbook Cover Ideas

Feature a Group Photo


Most schools utilise a professional photography service and so have access to beautiful high-quality photos. Utilising a professional photo of your graduating class (or even your whole school!) on your yearbook cover can be a great opportunity to feature every student on your cover and will ensure the quality is sufficiently high for print.
Creative Photographs
Some schools take a creative photograph of the entire student body or the graduating class for their yearbook cover. This provides a great opportunity to feature many students on the cover, whilst creating a visually attractive design. If you choose to take a creative photograph for your yearbook cover, you should consider using Fusion Books Professional Cover Design Service as our designers will add their creative touch to make sure your photograph looks incredible.
Student Artwork
Featuring student artwork on your yearbook’s cover is a great way to get a unique cover design and to celebrate your school’s budding artists. Many schools hold a Yearbook Cover Competition, in which all students (and even staff!) are invited to contribute and to design your yearbook cover. If there are a few good entrants, you could include a page with “Runner-Up” designs inside your yearbook.Special Photos

A popular yearbook cover option is to create a collage with photos from around the school and at special events. This is a great option as it allows you to feature many students on your yearbook cover and to encompass many aspects of school life.

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