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Why using Fusion is better, faster & cheaper?


01. Don’t waste time, use our ready-to-go 50 page blueprint.

Get started with a coherent structure. It will help you organise teamwork and set up deadlines. Click on the image below, make a copy and adapt it to your needs.

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02.Get your cover done in 5 minutes.

With Fusion, creating a stunning cover requires 3 simple steps.

1- Choose a layout and drag in onto your page.
2- Add your content.
3- Customise: change colours, fonts, photo filters, etc.


03. Draft your whole yearbook in 30 minutes.

Choose from multiple page types: contents pages, article pages, photo pages, profile pages, autograph pages, etc. Simply drag and drop the pages into your book according to the blueprint you’ve prepared.

Yearbook Themes - School Pride

04. Invite your team to fill the pages for you.

Here are the things they can do for you:

1- Upload images on a Facebook Page that you’ll be able to connect to the yearbook builder.
2- Fill their profile online so you can generate all the profile pages at once.
3- Design their own pages if you decide to allocate pages to student groups, clubs or associations.
4- Duplicate one of your templates and simply add their own content to save time and keep consistency.

05. Polish and customise like a pro – no experience needed!

No need to be tech-savvy – our drag and drop editor makes it so easy that even beginners can do it:

1- Over 150 fonts
2- Easy photo editor – with photo filters like in Instagram!
3- Move, crop, resize, change the colour, transparency of any elements.
4- Add some flair with clipart, shapes, borders, illustrations and more.

06. Proof, approve and receive your yearbooks 20 days after!

  • The largest range of printing options in the UK at affordable prices.
  • Pay only for what your print (minimum 30 copies, no maximum)
  • Free Standard Delivery

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