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Fusion Yearbooks is a beautiful solution to create your kindergarten yearbook.

Kids are so cute. First tooth, first drawing, first word: we cherish every single moment of their early years. To help them remember the loveliest details of their first years of school, Fusion Yearbooks empowers you to create and print professional quality kindergarten yearbooks.


Everyone can participate online, from school or from home. Create a collaborative design task children will love to do by assigning each student a personal page.

Get them to add their name, birthdate, a few of their favourite photos, drawings, hobbies and whatever else they wish! Teachers can do the final polishing by adding any other information or photos. Your kindergarten yearbook will grow by itself!

No design experience required: choose from hundreds of free layouts and customise your pages with ridiculously easy-to-use features.

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Create memorable kindergarten yearbook covers – even without design experience.

Ensure you make a striking impression with your yearbook cover! Fusion makes it easy with only four simple steps:

1 – Choose from hundreds of beautiful layouts

2 – Upload and place your images on your page

3 – Type your titles

4 – Save your page.

Design amazing pages in minutes with our fantastic collection of free professionally designed layouts.

Our drag and drop editor helps you create stunning pages in no time.

1- Drag a new page in your book choosing from multiple types

2- Choose a layout that fits your context

3- Customise it by changing the background, fonts, colours, etc.

4- Place your photos, type your texts and save your page.

It’s that simple.

Add your distinctive style with photo filters, clipart and custom options.

To give your images some extra zing, make them shine with incredible filters and effects. Fusion Yearbooks also provides you with a great variety of clipart elements to customise your pages. You’ll find everything you need: shapes, lines, text holders, stickers, arrows, icons and more.

The best kindergarten yearbook printing quality at affordable costs.

Thanks to our major hubs all around Europe, we can provide you with the best printing quality and the shortest deliveries. You can choose from several printing options: soft and hard covers, gloss and matte laminate, etc.

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

How can I get everyone involved in the yearbook creation?

Fusion Yearbooks is a multi-user online platform. You can invite an unlimited number of users and assign specific tasks to everyone with 3 levels of contribution. Head Editors have a full access, including the admin aspects of the project (order, follow-up, team management, etc.). Editors just have access to your kindergarten yearbook content: very useful in the proof & approve process. Contributors will only access the pages you assign to them (teachers, parents, etc.).

How much will it cost to print my kindergarten yearbook with Fusion?

You only pay for what you print. The price of your kindergarten yearbook depends on the number of pages, the quantity of books and your finishing options. Survey parents to find out the price they are comfortable with. Sign up for free and play with our quote calculator. Build a plan that fits your budget and create the yearbook everyone will be happy with!

Is there any technical requirement to use Fusion Yearbooks?

No. You can use Fusion Yearbooks on any types of computer connected to the Internet. We only recommend you use up-to-date web browsers, so you can work anywhere, anytime.


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