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Fusion Yearbooks is an online software to help you create and print your yearbooks – even without experience. Starting from hundreds of free layouts, backgrounds, clipart images, photo filters and more, find brilliant ideas and customise your pages in no time.

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Yearbook Cover Ideas – Easy to Replicate!

From the academic to the artistic, browse through dozens of beautiful templates and customise your cover in minutes. Get started with your favourite layout and adapt every single element to your liking – perfect for beginners!

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Innovative Yearbook Pages – Now Entirely Customisable.

Starting from hundreds of layouts, create pages, spreads or suites that fit your needs. With Sport pages, Profile pages, School trip pages, Class photo pages plus many more, rest assured that you’ll find what you are looking for. Then, resize, move elements, play with photo filters, with hundreds of fonts, unlimited colours, etc. Get the most beautiful results – no design skills required!

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