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Create your Cover in Minutes.

Creating a stunning cover as never been so easy, fast and flexible. Simply follow these steps:

1 – Choose a layout from hundreds of options – the academic to the artistic.

2 – Drag your photos – from your computer or straight from Facebook!

3 – Type your titles and texts choosing from over 250 fonts.

4 – Customise every single element to your liking – size, colour, transparency, photo filters, and more.

Year 12 Yearbooks - Covers

Innovative Yearbook Pages – Created by you.

Starting from suites, templates or simple layouts, create and personnalise unique pages that encompass your diversity and style.

1 – Choose a template depending on the context (article pages, sport pages, profile pages, photo pages, autographs, etc.)

2 – Add and adjust your photos – collect photos from everyone, organise them in folders and enhance them with our photo editor.

3 – Paste your texts playing with fonts, sizes, colours and more.

4 – Save your page – and duplicate your templates to save time and be consistent from cover to cover!

Collaborate with Students and Teachers.

Fusion allows you to involve as many team mates as you want. Choosing from different types of users, you can organise the team as you want, allocate tasks, pages to design or to review during the approval process.

Get your Profiles Pages Done in No time.

What if you could have everyone do their own part on the profile pages? Well it is now possible in Fusion in 4 easy steps.

1 – Build a page template – choose a number of students per page.

2 – Create a questionnaire.

3 – Have every student to fill your questionnaire online – they can also upload their own photos.

4 – Review their answers and generate all your profile section in 1 click.

Year 12 Yearbooks - Profile Pages

Pay Only for What You Print.

We’ve built a solid printing network all around Europe to assure you the largest range of printing options and the fastest turnarounds. Adapt your order anytime up to the last minute before printing to make sure you match your budget. Access you free trial to generate as many quotes as you need: no hidden costs!

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