Tips on writing great articles for your yearbook

ecrire un texte qui sera lu

Articles and write-ups are a key element in making your yearbook more memorable.  At first it may seem like a daunting task to capture the experiences that has happened throughout the whole year in just a few paragraphs. But once you’ve gotten the hang of it, writing amazing articles will be a breeze.

Here are some pointers to help you with this important task:

Plan ahead

Arrange a meeting to discuss the articles that need to be included in the yearbook.  There is usually limited space so every write-up should be assessed properly to ensure that the ones about the key events will not be forgotten.

Know your reader

Just like write-ups in the newspaper, magazines and websites it is important to know who your readers are in order to determine the main tone of your article.  In your case you will be writing for your schoolmates, friends and teachers.  Capture their attention by making your article as descriptive as possible.  Writing about that awesome basketball game?  Aside from the main facts, you should also describe the excitement of the crowd during the last few minutes and how your school’s team kept a close watch on the ball.  All these extra details will definitely help your reader remember how they felt while they were watching that amazing game.

Get your details right

Make sure that all the information you have is accurate.  Double check the event details by making sure that the venue, time, activity and people involved are all represented correctly.

Add some sparkle

Use a catchy title or phrase!  Incorporate relevant and good quality photos or artworks in the page.  Include exciting testimonials and interviews.  All these will definitely make your article more fun to read.

Take time to proofread

Read your article several times to make sure that it is coherent.  Use the spell checker to avoid embarrassing spelling errors.  These tiny steps are a big help in making your editor’s job a lot easier since you already get to weed out the minor errors.

and lastly,

Make it short and sweet

You are not writing a novel.  Nobody wants to read page upon page about something that can be summarized in just a few exciting paragraphs.  You’re all done once you’ve put in all the details and descriptions.

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