Printer Terminology


What is GSM?

GSM (technically ‘grams per square meter’) is a measure of the thickness of your inside paper or cover. Typically the thicker the paper the higher-quality your book will feel. Fusion Books soft-cover books are typically printed with 150 gsm inside pages and 350 gsm cover. The exception is a very large book (over 150 pages) where you may choose to have thinner pages (for example 130 gsm).

What is bleed?

Bleed is the (3mm) area around the perimeter of your page that will be cut-off during the trimming process. When designing your book you should continue your design for 3mm beyond the perimeter of your page (for example an A4 book should be 216 mm X 303 mm).

What is crop-marks?

With Fusion Books you don’t have to worry about adding in ‘crop-marks’, as we will do this for you. Although when designing (in Fusion Books online system or any other program) always ensure you leave a 1.5cm around the perimeter of the page free from faces and text. This will not only provide a more professional look, but will prevent faces and text from being cut-off in the binding or in the crop-marks. However, this does not mean you cannot have design patterns and backgrounds in the 1.5cm perimeter, in fact this is encouraged.

What is resolution?

The resolution of an image refers to the image’s quality. Always use the best quality images you have available. If you are using our Premium Design Service, send your images through to us in the format that comes straight off your camera.

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