Top 10 Reasons to Create a Year 12 Graduation Yearbook

10 Reasons for year 12

Graduation is coming up, so it’s time for outgoing seniors to start thinking about the things that inspire them and how they want to be remembered for years to come. What’s a better way than to record all your memories than through a Yearbook?  Here is our ultimate top 10 list on why creating a Yearbook is a must:

1. It is the coolest way to compile all photos and articles about your Year 12 class!


2. Personalised profile pages!  Create a special page to honor each graduating student.  Don’t forget to include awesome photos (remember those stunning outfits at the formal? Here is a chance for everyone to remember for a lifetime!) and interesting personal trivia.

3. With the ever changing technology it is nice to have something to hold, feel and find in the future.  Also, it is a lot easier to just open your yearbook when you want to take a trip down memory lane than going through the all the photos you have stored in your hard drive.

4. You guys looked amazing!  Remember how great you all looked during the formal…  and of course that includes your hot date!

5. You had so much fun at school.  Your yearbook will have a record of all the awesome school activities that happened this school year.

6. Avoid name amnesia at your reunion!  Aside from the fun experiences, your yearbook can help you recall names and faces.

7. You’ll have concrete evidence that you actually went to Year 12…  and if one of your classmates ends up being famous you can easily show your book as proof that you guys went to school together!

8. Your school community was great.  Remember all the teachers and staff that helped you on your scholastic journey.

9. Are you an artist, photographer or writer?  Share and showcase your talents in your yearbook.

10. and lastly because Fusion Books has a cool promo!  Get started early and get a chance to avail of our promo.  Go check out the details below.

fusion promo





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