Fusion Books Printing: Quality, Environment and Peace of Mind

Your Yearbook must be of impeccable quality. It is the number 1 marketing and PR document that your school produces and is a souvenir that most students will keep forever.

At Fusion Books we understand this and ensure that the quality and strength of our yearbooks are the best in Australia. As we specialise in the highest quality yearbooks, we generally don’t muck around with lower quality options such as lighter paper weights, cheaper glues and black and white options.

All our yearbooks have:

  • 350 GSM Cover
  • 150 GSM silk / gloss inside stock (hand selected from hundreds of stocks for yearbook readability and print quality)
  • Gloss or Matt laminate (options for spot UV varnish)
  • PUR perfect binding or lock perfect binding for offset jobs (guaranteed to last)
  • Full colour (CMYK)

The reason we are able to offer these high quality specs at a discount is we order all our environmentally friendly paper and high quality material in bulk. As we produce yearbooks for over 200 schools around Australia it enables us to get economy of scale which allows us to offer higher quality yearbooks for less.

Fusion Books is your local printer!
We have offset print facilities in every major state and have 3 digital hubs in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to ensure the fastest turn around. The best thing about our production facilities is that they are tailored for yearbooks which means we can turn around higher quality books quickly in the busy ‘Yearbook Season’.

We love the air, trees and mother nature… We support the environment that supports us and use only sustainable paper from either recycled sources or plantation forestry. While this may cost us a little more in the short term, it means we can sleep at night and that our grandchildren will have clean air to breathe.

The Vocabulary of a Yearbook

  • GSM Grams per Square Metre, this is the international standard unit for measuring the thickness of paper. The higher the GSM number the thicker the paper.
  • The crop marks guide the printer when cutting the book down to the right size. To get the print image all the way to the edge of your page we need to print beyond the edge of your page then cut it down.
  • Resolution refers to an images quality. Always use the best quality images you have available. If your images are low quality the ‘Fusion system’ will give you a notification, however it is always good to check your final high res PDF proof.
  • Digital Printers are like giant photocopiers that have amazing quality. These days the average person can not tell the difference between a digital and offset job. We usually print jobs less than 350 books on our state of the art digital presses.
  • Offset Printing is an age old printing method that has progressed with technology. Offset printing has a high set up fee per job, however is cheaper to print large runs so is more economical for runs over 350 books.


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